About us

In 1957, Grandpa Costantino hopped on a bus to Rome with dreams of starting a business. His wife, Lina, and two sons joined him later that year from Tuscany, and the family settled in the iconic Monti neighborhood on a slope of the Esquiline Hill. They soon made their home on Via San Martino ai Monti. Compared to the bucolic Tuscan countryside, Rome was vibrant, chaotic and ripe with opportunities. After a year of apprenticeship with a local butcher, Costantino opened a deli shop just down the street from Casa di Lina. From that tiny store, he began supplying Monti’s restaurants and markets with the salami and cured meats of his native region. You can still visit some of these markets today, including Panella on Via Merulana. In the early 60s, Monti had the same small-town atmosphere like today, and Costantino became known around the neighborhood as “The Tuscan.” His son (and our father) Carlo could be seen pedaling his bike down Via Urbana with bags full of salami dangling from the handlebars. Over the years, Carlo grew the family business beyond the boundaries of Monti, but his connection remained strong. His passion for this unique neighborhood was passed on to his children, inspiring us to create VVMonti. The name plays off of the Italian phrase “vivi Monti,” or “live Monti.” We hope to share with you the area’s charm and history by offering a superior vacation rental experience in the heart of Rome.

Come live Monti with us!